Advantage over competitors

Mura Metalltechnik GmbH's lead over its competitors is based on two main pillars.

On the one hand, the company sets itself apart from much of its competitors through its cross-border activities. In particular, the simultaneous technical and linguistic skills of the founder represent core competencies of the company, which cannot be imitated by competitors either promptly or without great effort.


on the other hand, unlike many of its competitors, Mura Metalltechnik GmbH does not see itself as a mere intermediary between clients and suppliers, but is responsible to the client for the end product. The company represents a direct and competent contact partner for the client in terms of quality, price and delivery of the overall service.

Innovative service

This is where the services of Mura Metalltechnik GmbH from Ahaus come in. On the basis of extensive experience in handling large mechanical engineering and vehicle construction projects, European language skills and direct contacts with major European industry, a bridge function is offered to small and medium-sized companies for the European marketing of their services. From Mura-Metalltehnik's point of view, the focus is on the implementation of the technical and, in particular, qualitative and scheduling requirements of customers from Germany, France, Benelux and Italy. Mura Metalltehnik guarantees its demands to the major contractors and implements them for the suppliers in such a way that the quality and adherence to delivery dates are checked on site, including personal assignments.

Im Vordergrund steht aus Sicht der Mura-Metalltehnik die Umsetzung der technischen und insbesondere qualitativen sowie terminlichen Ansprüche der Kunden aus Deutschland, Frankreich, Benelux und Italien. Die Mura Metalltechnik gewährleistet gegenüber den Großauftragnehmern ihre Ansprüche und setzte sie gegenüber den Zulieferern in der Weise um, dass über auch persönliche Einsätze die Qualität und Termintreue jeweils vor Ort geprüft werden.