Description of the product/service

Mura Metalltechnik GmbH offers responsible and individual project and order implementation and support for clients in the steel and mechanical engineering sectors.After splitting the projects or overall orders into their individual components, the most advantageous production in terms of price, quality, delivery date and supplier reliability is sought for each part of the order. The individual orders are then passed on to the selected suppliers. Mura Metalltechnik GmbH monitors the execution of the order until final acceptance.

The client receives a fully assembled end product from Mura Metalltechnik GmbH.Optimum solutions are offered for all orders from steel and stainless steel processing such as laser, edging, welding and mechanical processing. In doing so, value is placed on the responsible use of complex and intricate processing techniques.

Customer advantages / customer benefits

Mura Metalltechnik GmbH's clients are relieved of the time-consuming project implementation. They receive optimal detailed solutions within the framework of individual and holistic order processing. Your requirements for the end product, particularly in terms of quality, are met to your complete satisfaction.

The circle of suppliers is no longer limited to the national market. Through Mura Metalltechnik GmbH, clients can easily and quickly take advantage of the benefits of the pan-European, cross-border market. Price and quality comparisons are possible for the clients with little effort and lead to an optimised project implementation compared to a purely national solution.